Hepco&Becker シーシーバー(リアラック付) Yamaha XV 535 | 611402 00 02

Hepco&Becker シーシーバー(リアラック付) Yamaha XV 535 | 611402 00 02:ユーロダイレクト

A gleaming appearance with a luggage rack. This loos is distinctive to a chopper. Always comfotable on the road! All components are chromed (some models also available in black), polished to a high gloss, and perfectly adapted to the character of your bike.
With the comfortable backrest, the passenger can relax and feel secure while riding. A HEPCO&BECKER Sissybar with a luggage rack makes it easier to carry small luggage. Optional: The aluminium rear rack enlargement for Handbags (ground and anodized, Item: 800000 00 09) ensures safe attachement.
custom designed for each motorcycle
sturdy, elegant design
Quality German steel tubing with premium high-gloss surface finish
precise manufacturing
easy assembly
incl. assembly instruction and mounting kit
can mostly be combined with C-bow sidecarrier or normal hard luggage sidecarrier (please check manual or bike specific note for more info)
recommended load on the rear rack: 5kg (please check manual or manufacturer of motorcycle for more info)
Suitable for : Yamaha XV 535
Compatible with following models
Please check mounting instructions for more info
Item no. : 611402 00 02
EAN : 4042545506506
Vehicle specific information : Sissybar combinable with H&B leatherbag holder
Weight : 3.6 kg

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